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Smart People Are Getting:
 MORE Leads, 
MORE Sales,  
Spending LESS Time & Effort
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Amazing! Works as Advertised! Super cool and fast way to get targeted friends on Facebook without having to sit there for hours and manually do everything 

Sara Johnson
Founder, CTO - The Company

It helps me make efficient use of my time and get results. Thanks to the creators of this software. Find a group and build your friends list with people that are relevant to your business. 

Margeret Doe
Freelance writer - The Company

Love this! I was needing niche specific friends on my Facebook page and Friend Multilier has allowed me to do that very easily! I am not techy and this was super simple to use. 

Zoe James
Blogger - The Company


Determine Your Ideal Customer Avatar

It all starts here. If you really want to crush it when it comes to selling things, you really need to know who is your ideal customer avatar.  Who is your dream customer. Who is the type of person that needs what you have to offer the most? 

Find Out Where They Are  

I realized my Ideal Customers were hanging out in Facebook groups and they were also connected to C and B level influencers. Friend Multiplier lets you target groups where your target avatar are hanging out and it also lets you attack the C and B level influencers friends list that your ideal customer avatar is on. Start using Friend Multiplier! 

Connect With As Many Of Them As Possible 

This is where Friend Multiplier preforms it's magic and is worth literally gold! Once you've found your ideal customer avatar Friend Multiplier goes to work. Set any filters you want and Friend Multiplier will automatically start adding those people.  


Now that Friend Multiplier is working all day everyday for you, your friends list is getting MASSIVE. All you have to do is start engaging with these ideal customers. Engage with their content, message them, and start creating content.
Get them to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you and you're golden.  

Tell Them About Your Offers So They Can Buy


Now that they are beginning to know who you are you have to create and tell them about your offers. Keep posting content and link it back to your offers. These ideal customers will now start buying your stuff :).

Just keep repeating this process.  

Here's What You're Going To Get 

Amikone Infininity

  • Increase your engagement rate 
  • Stop wasting money on ads 
  • Connect with your potential clients 
  • Generate targeted leads on autopilot 
  • Become a celebrity in your niche 

Bday Wisher

  • No more calendars.  No need to remember birthdays when Bday Wisher can keep track of it for you!
  • No more missed birthdays.  Never feel bad again that you missed a loved one's birthday!
  • Wish the ones you love a personal Happy Birthday message.  You can create personalized messages for each loved one!

Profile Filler

Profile Form Filler Chrome Extension Lets You Auto-Populate Any Form On Any Website With A Click
Pick The Profile And Fill The Form
(Ultimate Time Saver!)

Link Wizard Unlimited

Unlimited Use of Link Wizard. This will help you measure results. Using Link Wizard has been key for me and tracking  my marketing efforts.

Friend Multiplier Unlimited

Unlimited Use of Friend Multiplier. You'll start getting more leads almost instantly. 

Genius Messenger CRM

Effortlessly Find and Close Your Perfect Dream Clients and Start Conversations With Them On Autopilot.

Biggest Fan Unlimited Account

Unlimited use of the Biggest Fan software. Biggest fan will help you easily get noticed by your dream clients. Biggest fan helps you get noticed which can help you get paid. 

Love, Help and Support from me and my Team

Our company is loving and open minded with more than 50 happy and talented employees. We're constantly improving our software and are here almost 24 hours a day to help and support you!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast and how many friends should I add each day?

I personally recommend using the 5 to 8 minute settings to add friends. I also recommend somewhere between 100 - 200 friend requests a day. If you go any faster than this Facebook may block your ability to send friend requests for 24-72 hours.  

Is this software supported and updated?  

Yes we have an official Facebook group for support, we also have live chat support and we do have full time software engineers always working on this software 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and we're always adding new features and building things that the users want.  

Does this work in any Facebook group?  

Yes this will work in any Facebook group you are a member of. You just need to go to the members page of that group and you can start adding all the friends you want.  

Will Facebook ban me for using this software?

Facebook can ban you from their software for any reason at anytime they wish. The first developer has been using this extension for almost 2 years now. He fully tested it by adding over 20,000 Facebook friends to his profile. He would get up to 5000 friends then delete everyone, and then start over again. There have been a few times Facebook has blocked him from sending friend requests for 72 hours because he was sending them too fast. This is why we recommend not sending them faster than 5 - 8 minute intervals and limiting to 100-200 per day.

Do you have an affiliate program?  

No, we don't have any affiliate program. We do have a Partner Program where you get UNLIMITED accounts on Friend Multiplier you can give away as lead magnets, add as a bonus to your offers or affiliate offers, or SELL at whatever price you want and keep 100% of the revenue. The Friend Multiplier Partnership is offered as an Upsell as soon as you sign up for Friend Multiplier.