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Post Filter Pro is a Chrome extension designed to enhance your Facebook experience by allowing you to customize your newsfeed based on your preferences.


  • Keyword-Based Filtering: With Post Filter Pro, you can filter out specific posts or ads from your Facebook feed using customized keywords. Whether you want to avoid certain topics or focus on specific content, this extension lets you tailor your feed to your liking.

  • Cleaner Facebook Feed: Tired of irrelevant posts cluttering your feed? Post Filter Pro helps you keep your Facebook feed clean and relevant by removing content that doesn’t interest you. Say goodbye to unwanted ads and posts!

  • Time-Saving: By filtering out posts or sponsored ads, you can save time while scrolling through Facebook. No more sifting through content you’re not interested in—focus on what matters to you.

  • Easy Installation: The extension is user-friendly and easy to install. Once added to Chrome, you can start customizing your feed immediately.

  • Dynamic Images: Utilize personalized images in both DMs and posts, offering an extra personal touch that makes your contacts feel valued and appreciated.

  • Privacy: The extension collects website content but does not sell data to third parties. It respects user privacy and ensures that data is used only for its core functionality.

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