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Genius Engager AI: Effortlessly boost your organic Facebook reach to get noticed more.

Find and contact laser-targeted prospects on autopilot with a few clicks.


  • Automated Engagement: Genius Engager AI automates comments and reactions on Facebook posts, eliminating the need for manual interactions and saving users significant time and effort.

  • Boost Organic Reach: By automating and optimizing engagement, the extension helps users significantly increase their organic reach on Facebook, making their content more visible to a broader audience.

  • Lead Generation and Sales Enhancement: Increased visibility and authentic engagement help users collect more leads and drive more sales, directly contributing to business growth and success.

  • User-Friendly Integration: As a Chrome Extension, Genius Engager AI offers a seamless, single-click solution that easily integrates into the user’s existing social media workflow, streamlining their social strategy and maximizing efficiency.

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